About Us - Manonit Deep
Manonit Deep has been striving for taking Indian Education to a great height by emphasising on practical worth it entails. Moreover, he is determined to bring the Indian cultural values to the world. I have been working hard to engage the talented youth of the country with education, motivate and various performing arts by providing them a platform to present themselves to the world.

I am dedicated to making India "The Golden Lion" once again while contributing to eradication of poverty and unemployment from society. I have been sweating in his aim to eliminate discrimination based on caste, color, race and religion and hence, contribute to a diverse yet United India. I strongly believe that we can lead to development in education, culture and social services by our consistent efforts. This is destined to bring dramatic positive change in society by proving empowerment to everyone.

I am very staunch with his ideology that if every responsible citizen of India puts some effort in raising the standards of development, the day for Ultimate Enlightenment is not very far away. I have been working for Career Counseling and Motivation.